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Hazardous Disposal

Proper disposal of hazardous waste is vital, to minimize contamination of the air, soil and water. However, you cannot just throw hazardous waste in your trashcan. When you do that, you will be compromising the safety and health of everyone around you. You will also be violating the law, and you may end up with hefty fines. So, how do you get rid of the hazardous waste in your home safely and responsibly? Hiring our hazardous waste removal experts is the best option. Our hazardous waste removal and disposal services include:

Pesticides Disposal

Homeowners and farmers use pesticides regularly, to kill insects, bugs, pests and other annoyances. And while pesticides are highly effective in repelling, mitigating or destroying these annoyances, they also pose a wide range of risks to human beings, animals and the environment in general. For instance, exposure to pesticides can lead to nausea, vomiting, rashes, headaches, aching joints, dizziness, asthma and other serious conditions in humans.

Furthermore, long-term exposure to these chemicals can lead to birth defects, cancer, genetic damage, neurological problems as well as chemical sensitivity development. Pesticides are equally harmful to the environment. If they manage to flow into the water bodies, they can poison the water, risking marine life. There are right methods to dispose pesticides.

The best means of getting rid of pesticides and other similar chemicals is by calling hazardous waste removal experts like us. We handle the entire removal and disposal process, therefore you don’t have to come into contact. Also, we have all the required permits and licenses, to make sure all our clients are compliant. Pesticides in your barn, garage, or store, we can help to get rid of them safely, legally and properly.

Asbestos Removal

While asbestos has been used for many decades as a fireproofing and insulating material, it has now been recognized to increase the risk of developing certain types of cancers. So, if you are demolishing, renovating or remodeling an older refinery, factory, pipeline network or similar structures, it needs to be inspected carefully first, before you proceed with the project. And if asbestos is present, then it has to be safely and properly removed by professionals.

As one of the leading London hazardous waste removal and disposal companies, we have the experience, skills and equipment to assess the presence of asbestos in your premises and come up with the safest removal strategy. We can remove asbestos-containing materials from almost any part of your property, whether it’s in ceiling tiles, floor tiles, in-wall insulation, pipe wrappings, or ductwork. Our asbestos removal and disposal process is conducted within the strict adherence of guidelines established by the Environment Agency.

Why Hire Expert Removers

You should rely on experts when it comes to asbestos, chemical or hazardous waste disposal. When you turn experts for hazardous waste removal on your premises, you will:

  • Avoid costly fines
  • Minimize the need for equipment and training
  • Satisfy local waste regulations
  • Avoid the need for holding facilities
  • Save time and money


Rely on Experts

Our hazardous waste removal and disposal team is here and ready to provide you with the best services across London and the neighbouring areas. Whether they are pesticides, asbestos, industrial chemicals or any other harmful materials, we can environmentally dispose of them.

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